The product warranty period is calculated from date of purchase.
MarsRhino warrants that the product will not have any material or quality defects during the warranty period. If a product requires warranty service, 
proof of purchase (purchase receipt or invoice) must be produced during the warranty period.

MarsRhino’s warranty is limited to providing new parts to repair the product.
When the product cannot be repaired, it may be exchanged for a product with the identical model number.
If the product is no longer produced or unavailable, a product with similar functions or specifications may be substituted. 
The warranty period of the exchanged product is the original product’s remaining warranty period, or 90 days, whichever is longer.

This warranty is subject to local laws and regulations.
You also enjoy locally-granted warranty rights.


  • Where there has been human error, abnormal use, or force majeure (e.g., storm, flood, fire, earthquake, war, lightning, electrical surges, etc.).
  • Damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear or aging.
  • When the product number is reused, modified, damaged, illegible, etc.
  • Where there has been disassembly, modification, or replacement of original parts, either oneself or by a merchant not authorized by the original manufacturer. 
  • Where the product has been used in a manner not in accordance with the instructions.
  • To accessories, instructions, and packaging other than the product itself.


DEFENDER ONE Electric Gaming Desk     5-YEARS*
INFINITE GT Ergonomic Gaming Chair     5-YEARS**
INFINITE S Ergonomic Gaming Chair     5-YEARS**
INFINITE AIR Ergonomic Gaming Chair     5-YEARS**
INFINITE ONE Ergonomic Gaming Chair     5-YEARS**
INFINITE ONE AIR Ergonomic Gaming Chair     5-YEARS**
SPYDER S Ergonomic Gaming Chair     5-YEARS***
SPYDER Ergonomic Gaming Chair     5-YEARS***
LANDER Multiuse Gaming Stool     5-YEARS**
VIPER Gaming Sofa     1-YEAR

*5 Years : Desk Base, Stand and motors. ( 2 Years : Desktop, control system, drawer system  )
**5 Years : Headrest, backrest, lumbar support, seat and chair base. ( 1 Year : Mechanism bracket, armrest, gas lift cylinder and casters. )
***5 Years : Backrest, seat and chair base. ( 1 Year : Headrest, lumbar support, mechanism bracket, armrest, gas lift cylinder and casters. )